May 9 vandalism exposes wicked face of Imran Niazi: PM

PESHAWAR: Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif here Thursday said that the vandalism and ransacking of the civil properties and defence installations on May 9-10 have exposed the wicked face of Imran Niazi and the government has decided to take strict action against attackers, abetters and planners under the relevant laws.

Addressing the meeting of the leaders of different political parties at Governor House Peshawar, the Prime Minister claimed that a horde of people brought on the orders of Imran Niazi attacked the civil and defence installations on May 9-10, 2023 that inflicted colossal losses.

He said Radio Pakistan Peshawar’s building was burnt to ashes on May 10 by the rioters. He said that it was unfortunate that the Radio Pakistan Peshawar building from where Pakistan’s independence announcement was made on midnight of May 13-14, 1947 was also ransacked and put on fire by the rioters on May 10.

The Prime Minister said the destruction of the historical archives of the national broadcaster was a great loss.

The Prime Minister said that May 9 was a black day in the country’s history due to incidents of terrorism, vandalism and ransacking of public properties and defense installations that changed everything.

He said that in the last 75 years history of Pakistan, it was for the first time that military installations were attacked during a protest of a political party on May 9-10.

The Prime Minister said attackers, abetters and planners of May 9-10 deserved no concession and strict action was being taken against them under the relevant anti-terrorism laws.

He said it was decided that elements involved in attacks on defence installations would be dealt with under the laws authorized for security institutions while cases of the ransacking of public and civil properties would be dealt with under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif said that implementation of the decision has been started and all those found guilty would be punished accordingly.

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