DG ISI’sees no conspiracy,’ according to Asad Umar, who spoke during an NSC meeting

PTI Secretary General Asad Umar.

Asad Umar, a former minister of planning, has acknowledged that the head of Pakistan’s top intelligence service, the ISI, had informed the NSC that he did not perceive a conspiracy against the then-PTI administration.

In contrast, the DG ISI did not present any documents in the meeting to back his position, according to the PTI Secretary-General, who added that it was all personal.

Following the NSC meeting on March 31, which was presided over by then-premier Imran Khan and attended by federal ministers and senior military officers, a statement was released that said the committee had decided to strongly condemn the country in question, later identified as the United States, but made no mention of a conspiracy. However, “blatant involvement” in a nation’s internal affairs was mentioned.

The former prime minister Khan has persisted in claiming that the “regime change conspiracy” behind his dismissal by a vote of no-confidence was motivated by his “independent foreign policy.”

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