Naveena Steel lays the foundation for Nayi Soch to help build Naye Zamanay Ki Mazbooti

  As a developing country, Pakistan has its own fair share of turmoil, but the drastically rising environmental issues engulfing the state are wreaking havoc, leading the region to face the worse climate crisis of all times. The country is vulnerable to not only economic and political instability but also the rising occurrences of natural disasters. With this backdrop, #NaveenaSteel took the initiative to spread awareness about the importance of thinking outside the box to combat the issues effectively with their innovative products while promoting inclusive growth throughout Pakistan. The company has been at the forefront of preserving the environment by using cutting-edge technology and modern methods of resource utilisation. The steel produced at Naveena adheres to all international sustainability compliance guidelines as well as quality standards. The company uses the latest European direct rolling technology, which not only helps deliver better quality steel rebars but also makes the entire process eco-friendlier. But now Naveena Steel wants us to think about the future instead of the past. The steel industry leader has recently rolled out an incredibly innovative campaign with several short films to spread awareness regarding the need to stand up and do the right thing rather than following long-standing conventional procedures.
  Naveena Steel’s #NayiSoch inspires us to build a stronger future – one where modern construction uses superior quality products to make earthquake-resistant buildings. The short films feature dealers, contractors, and other professionals who are now advocating #nayisoch to build #NayeZamanayKiMazbooti with the help of modern technology, innovation and expertise. Naveena’s efforts to modernise traditional methods truly reflect the values and vision that bond us together as a nation striving to progress without leaving anyone behind. The steel rebars manufactured by Naveena feature high ductility, flexibility and high strength, making them bendable without breaking. They provide a foundation for every new and innovative idea conceived to help communities in Pakistan progress as a nation. Naveena-Pro comes with greater yield strength and weldability making the rebar foremost choices for strengthening the new construction age in Pakistan. For more information about Naveena Steel, visit here.

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