Does Doctor Strange’s Early Release put Pakistani Cinema at stake?

Pakistan cinema Industry and the crux of the situation

5 various Pakistani movies got released right after COVID restrictions were removed. Since the restrictions on Pakistani cinema due to COVID were lifted after a period of 2 years, it was high time to release these movies. Producers were under high pressure as they wanted their movies to be sold. Promotions began weeks before the movie release. Producers were even found requesting the top critics to not give any negative reviews as it might affect the selling of their films. They did not want the audience to form a negative opinion about the movie due to a negative review posted by a critic.

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Pakistani industry has been putting a lot of effort for the revival of Pakistani cinema for some past few years. It would not be erroneous to state that Pakistani producers have produced phenomenal movies over some past few years. Although, the release of a foreign movie poses a threat to Pakistani filmmakers. This year, something similar happened as Doctor Strange got released in Pakistan.

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Revival of Pakistani cinema: What’s the major problem?

This time producers made sure to produce films that become a huge success nationally and internationally. They ensured that the content is up-to-the-mark and direction is phenomenal. Promotions were done in a manner so as to give the public an impression that these movies are a must-watch. However, on the 4th day, a range of Pakistani cinemas had to take down these releases due to the allocation of lesser screens for these films. This was done for the sake of allotting more screens to the much-awaited movie “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”. Due to this, producers and actors got really mad as they worked hard for years to make their films successful. Actors and Producers requested the authorities to reconsider this decision and postpone the release of Doctor Strange so that it does not affect the ranking of their movies.

Film producers started reacting as soon as they got to know about the release of a foreign film. Majority of the actors and producers pleaded the authorities not to release Doctor Strange for some time so that local content can get more screen time. They stated that it is not right to let foreign films take over Pakistani cinemas especially right after COVID restrictions were lifted and Pakistani producers were awaiting the right time to release their movies.

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Final Remarks: Pakistan cinema vs foreign content

So the question is – Is Doctor Strange poses a threat to Pakistan film revival? This answer would be no. This needs to be understood that if there had been a delay in the release of Dr. Strange, it could have posed a greater threat to Pakistani cinema businesses as movie’s tickets have already been bought by many Marvel fans. Yet, what poses a greater threat to Pakistani cinema is the production of substandard movies. Audience that likes watching local content would do so even if a foreign movie is released side by side. It is obvious that cinemas should not compromise on their revenue to make a contribution toward the revival of film industry.

Over some past few years, Pakistani movies and Pakistani dramas have gained huge fame locally and internationally. Uncover the top Pakistani dramas and know what makes them stand out.

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