Indicating that a weak intelligence system might be a factor in recent riots in the state, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Tuesday came out with a stern directive to strengthen the intelligence system.


“I don’t want riots in Madhya Pradesh at any cost,” said the CM, and asked for a list of officers who were not taking their field duties seriously.


Addressing a law and order meeting on Tuesday evening, almost a week after riots were reported in Khargone and Barwani on Ram Navami, the chief minister said that the law and order situation should be sound in the state and peace should not be disrupted at any cost.


“Use as many people and resources as is required, but the intelligence system should be strengthened. It is the duty of the additional director general of police (intelligence) to ensure that peace is maintained in the state,” Chouhan said.


He also said that action on rioters and people who help disruptive elements should continue.


While appreciating the handling of the Hanuman Jayanti programmes and processions, the chief minister asked officials to remain alert in the field to ensure that the upcoming festivals like Parashuram Jayanti and Eid are also celebrated without any disruptions. “Maintain public connect and tour districts as necessary,” the CM told senior police officials.


Chouhan also asked the cops be trained in prevention of riots and mob control.


Referring to the Muslim community’s initiative to install CCTV cameras at religious places, Chouhan said that it was a welcome move and could help in controlling crime. “You should also strengthen the CCTV system and keep constant vigil on anti-social elements and disruptive activities,” he said.


The chief minister reiterated that government lands encroached by rioters or mafia should be freed and a campaign should continue for this purpose. He also said that such lands will be distributed among poor people.


Chouhan also added that the cops and government employees posted at residences of officers should be reduced and they should instead be utilised for people’s welfare work. “I have put a stop to saluting of ministers. So, slavery at officers’ home, too, will not be tolerated.”

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