Shoaib and Angeline Malik come to Sana Javed’s defence

Since claims of misbehaviour and unprofessionalism surfaced against Sana Javed, many have spoken up for or against the actor, on their respective social media handles. The most recent to share their thoughts on the whole situation include actor, director Angeline Malik and cricketer Shoaib Malik. Taking to her Instagram Stories, the prior inquired why one has to wait for someone else to publicly shame another person, to finally air their own reservations about them. Angeline maintained that it is "unfair on that one individual" and qualifies as collective “bullying, mobbing". She wrote, “If you have to call out an artist for misbehaviour or bad attitude, why wait for others to make that call? This is being unfair on that one individual. [It is] collective bullying and mobbing, and shows how pathetic we are.” Shoaib, on the other hand, tweeted about his own experience with Sana, following in the footsteps Nadeem Baig and Fahad Mustafa. Having known Sana “for quite some time” and also having “had the opportunity to work with her multiple times,” Shoaib tweeted, “from my personal experience I can only say that she has always been kind and courteous towards me and the people around us.” The actor was initially, indirectly called out by model Manal Saleem, who had taken the matter to Instagram and wrote, "Requesting all the clients to not ask me to shoot with any actress, celebrity ever again. With their self entitled attitudes, they think we are 'do takay ki [cheap] models'. The audacity to say that on my face! We also come here to work, not to be insulted for free." While Manal hadn’t named anyone, she received support from fellow models and stylists. Omayr Waqar and stylist Aneela Murtaza among other, among others, praised her for speaking up. While makeup artists Ikram Gohar and Rhyan Thomas shared their own ordeals. On March 10, Javed responded to the allegations with a legal notice posted on her Instagram account, calling it all a "proper smear campaign." While many wrote in support of Sana, calling her “completely professional” and “extremely humble,” starlets like Hira Umer and Ellie Zaid, who played Javed’s friends in Aye Musht-e-Khaak, could swear otherwise. Have something to add to the story? Share it in the comments below.

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