Russia-Ukraine war will affect poor sections severely: Farooq Abdullah

Srinagar: National Conference president Farooq Abdullah on Saturday said the Russia-Ukraine war will affect the entire world including India, causing spike in inflation that will severely hit the poor sections and remote areas of the country.
“The situation in Ukraine is not going to affect only India but it will affect the entire world. As soon as the elections will be over, you will see prices of oil will increase because the prices of crude are going to increase rapidly. And that will affect prices of all commodities.
“Those who live in far flung areas will be affected far more, inflation will increase and it will be difficult for the poor man to sustain it in honour and in dignity. In Jammu and Kashmir, it is going to adversely affect us.. Even survival will be difficult,” Abdullah told reporters here.
He said India wants peace to return to the region at the earliest.
“Therefore we would want peace to emerge as soon as possible and we want peace to be restored in the region,” he added.
Abdullah, however, said the Russia has its own justification for its actions in Ukraine.
“Russia has also its own claim because it does not want NATO around them as they think it affects their sovereignty. It is therefore for the world to realise, as Russia has said, how would the US feel if missiles are put as before in Cuba,” he added.
Abdullah said New Delhi had its own outlook about the situation and how to survive it.
“Foreign minister of India is trying his best for something to emerge but India does not have the capacity to pull these people apart,” he said.
The Lok Sabha member from Srinagar said the impact of the war will be immense on global economy including that of India.
“The finance minister has said recently it will adversely affect our economy. Our development will fall. This is something we all, the world, should have realized… It is going to affect Europe very badly,” he added.
Asked about India’s abstention in the UNSC vote, Abdullah said it was for the Centre to answer. “I am not part of Government of India,” he added.

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