Martial artist and Hollywood actor Bob Wall has died aged 82. The American was known for starring in several Bruce Lee movies, most notably as O’Hara in the 1973 hit Enter The Dragon.

A frequent collaborator with Lee and Chuck Norris, Wall was a 9th degree Tang Too Do black belt. He had trained under Norris, who is credited for bringing the discipline to the US.

Wall would later train Lee and the two close friends were popular foes in Lee’s movies.

The cause of his death is unknown as his family announced the demise in a statement.

“He was a pillar of strength and inspiration to all who encountered him, and his radiant spirit and legacy will never be forgotten,” the statement read. “He was a brilliant martial artist, a never-ending source of jokes, a gifted speaker and a passionate man whose unconditional love and support were unmatched.”

Wall once revealed that the memorable fight scene between him and Lee in Enter The Dragon had resulted in broken ribs for him as the two insisted on making the scene as authentic as possible.

“Bob, I wanna hit you, and I wanna hit your hard,” Lee told Wall.

The actor also trained other top performers like Michael Jai White, Elvis Presley, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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