The girl who advised me once body-shamed Mawra too: Jannat Mirza

TikToker Jannat Mirza recently made headlines for her stellar comeback at actor Aiman Khan for policing and shaming her on how much makeup she uses. In a recent Q&A session on Instagram, a fan called out Mirza for making a video on a “b*llsh*t” issue and she said it was rightfully due since the said actor has been called out in the past for body-shaming other actors including Mawra Hocane. The fan called her “foolish” for taking a jibe at the actor in a video where she shared how one should keep their nose out of others' business without naming Aiman. Taking a stand for herself, she responded that she ‘never took any names’ so people should hold back from assuming. However, she added that everyone should take a deeper look at themselves before judging others. “I respect everyone but why do some of our actors feel the need to criticise/judge/school everyone?”, she asked rhetorically. Calling the Ishq Tamasha actor out, she wrote, “The girl who advised me once body-shamed Mawra (Hocane) too amongst some other well-known names of the industry.” Referring to last year’s event where on a talk show, the Baandi actor advised the Qissa Meherbano Ka star to “gain some weight” and called her “too skinny.” Khan said the same for Saboor and Sajal Aly as well in the same show, and her insensitive statement received great backlash. Recognising the talk show culture, Mirza said that it’s better to say something positive than resort to controversial opinions. She concluded her statement by saying “give respect if you want respect.” Have something to add to the story? Share it in the comments below. 

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