Not a wise idea’: Social media reacts as Karachi Eat 2022 to kick off today

A file photo of a stall from Karachi Eat 2020.

Amid an alarming rise in COVID-19 cases in Karachi, where the positivity rate reached 31% yesterday and the government is looking towards NCOC for a decision on a lockdown, much-anticipated food festival Karachi Eat 2022 has sparked a debate on social media, with many requesting to “cancel” the event.

The festival is taking place in the port city from January 14 (today) to January 16 at Beach View Park in Clifton, with visitors being requested to “mask up and strictly follow to the SOPs,” according to Saad Hussain, a social media user.

However, a number of people have expressed worry, questioning organizers and authorities if organizing a food festival when COVID-19 cases are on the rise in a city is a “wise idea?” and that they “can’t understand the logic,” as some have put it.

As the organizers of Karachi Eat move ahead with the festival, here is a rundown of how social media is reacting.

The event will follow strict SOPs, according to Mohsin Ahmed (Head of PR) of East River, the official agency for Karachi Eat. 

“Karachi Eat is mindful of the present scenario in the city, “which is why all possible safety steps have been deployed to ensure a safe and enjoyable festival for all Karachi people.”

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