From marriage to matric scores, Shadab Khan opens up in Insta tell-all

Cricketer Shadab Khan recently took to Instagram to answer his fans’ burning questions, using the ‘Ask Me Anything’ feature on his story. From marriage to the marks he received during his matriculation, the athlete was asked all sorts of questions from his followers on social media. When cheekily asked by one fan why he was so lovely, Shahdab was quick to respond that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Several fans and followers were curious to know when the cricketer would tie the knot. After one fan asked, “When are you getting married,” Shadab responded simply by saying, “That’s a great question to which I don’t have an answer yet.” Another fan offered to find him a suitable match, to which the cricketer replied saying, “I am now aware how concerned everyone is with regards to my marriage. Thank you very much for all of your interest.”   However, when asked about love of a different kind, Shadab was open about his feelings. After a fan questioned the athlete how much he loved cricket, Shadab responded with, “When you love something, there is no limit to that love.”  When a young fan told the cricketer they couldn’t study, he replied saying that neither could he, which is why he decided to just pursue his love for cricket. “I couldn’t study either, that’s when I started my cricketing career.” However, when inquired about his matric scores, Shadab revealed that he got more than he had hoped for. After a fan shared their stellar matric scores, Shadab responded saying, “I wouldn’t get that much even with all of my scores combined.” Comparing life in a village to that in a big city, Shadab shared, “Both are fun in their own way.” After he was questioned about how he feels living so far away from home for such long periods of time, the cricketer shared that at this point, he was fairly used to it. Moving towards cricket, when a fan asked him about Babar Azam AKA “Bobby Bhai’s” bowling skills, Shadab shared jokingly that he fears the ace cricketer may be coming for his top spot. “He’s bent on taking my spot. But yes, he is doing very well,” shared the ace bowler.  

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