Mismanagement by Royal Palm Golf & Country Club in music festival

LAHORE: The Rhythm Festival (music event) which was held on Sunday at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club was marred by fighting and mismanagement, Pakistan Today has learnt.

According to details, the musical concert was performed by pop singers like Young Stunners (the rap/hip-hop duo consisting of the vocals of Talha Anjum and Talhah Yunus), Danial Zafar, Hassan Rahim and Umar Mukhtar, but the event was highly mismanaged and the management could not control the public there.

However, club sources informed that about a thousand people had attended the concert and the event had a pass which was sold for Rs 15,000 each.

Sources further said that the management was unable to manage a huge crowd there and due to that the fight broke out at the venue however the reason behind the fight were unknown.

Sources also claimed that harassment to the females also took place during the event. Moreover, several people got hurt when the stage broke as the stage could not bear the load of so many people.

Sources further added that the management in order to cover the situation had to shut down the lights and music so that people would calm down and leave.

“Overall the concert was a mess and there was no proper management by the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club. The women were harassed, the stage broke and the men were fighting, while a few were also drunk,” sources added.

Meanwhile, the video of the incident went viral on social media. Paras Naaz tweeted, “Just yesterday I saw a video on twitter of Pakistani men fighting in a similar way in the UK and now this. No wonder people look at us weird when we tell em we’re Pakistani and not Indians. The Pakistani name is being spoiled by none other than Pakistani men themselves.”

Similarly, Biolal1 tweeted, “And that’s one of the reasons I hateee going to concerts” while another Twitter user Fatima tweeted, “Pakistani concerts are incomplete without a phadda. You can’t change my mind.”

Iqra Yusuf another one tweeted, “Fucking hell; far too many boys here should never have been born. they only have anger, violence, abuse to offer” while rm_roll tweeted, “Thankgod I did not go to this shit show. No regraaaats”.
The Marketing official of Royal Palm Golf and Country Club

Samar Wahab said, “The VIP stage was prepared for 50 persons with VIP passes, but a lot of people jumped onto the stage when the music began because of which it wracked and had to be removed. now the question arises that the ones who are complaining about the breaking of stage, did they have the VIP passes? Other than this there was no issue in the event and it went smooth.”

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