A copy of a bizarre letter from a CBI officer to Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been going viral on social media since Tuesday.


In the letter, Namo Prakash Mishra, a deputy SP of CBI posted in Delhi, tells Modi he wants to quit the agency without taking any monetary benefits. Mishra alleged the “department has become hell for me as the senior officers are having personal grudges against me”. Mishra wrote he had not been assigned any work for “the last 3 years”.


Mishra informed Modi he did not wish to draw benefits such as gratuity and pension. He named three IPS officers in the letter: Amit Kumar, Ram Gopal Garg and Ajay Bhatnagar. Mishra said the government may give his gratuity to Amit Kumar and Ram Gopal Garg and pension to Ajay Bhatnagar. He wrote “They need more money than me”.


This is not the first time that Mishra is levelling allegations against colleagues. In September 2019, Mishra had written to the Prime Minister’s Office alleging that Bhatnagar had been involved in a fake encounter in Jharkhand that led to deaths of 14 innocent people. Mishra had also accused Bhatnagar of corruption then.


In 2018, he had accused Garg and two other CBI officers—Sharad Aggarwal and Abhishek Dula—of corruption and manipulation of evidence while probing the murder of Umesh Rajput, a journalist in Chhattisgarh.


The Print reported on Wednesday Mishra had been in the habit of writing letters to higher authorities against CBI officials. “This is really weird that after writing more than 50 to 100 such letters to higher authorities, he is still continuing in the CBI, is posted in Delhi, and not dismissed. His behaviour questions CBI’s discipline,” The Print quoted an official as saying.


Another senior officer told The Print Mishra himself had been under the scanner. “Namo Prakash Mishra is a disgruntled officer and he had been doing these kinds of things for long. Earlier also he accused senior officers of something. He is agenda driven. We are mulling serious action against him… A person, whom the CBI arrested, died in his custody. The probe is on and the consequences can be serious. So, he is trying to abuse the officers who have some role in his inquiry. He has made casteist slur against senior officials and abused the senior officials directly so many times,” the senior officer said.

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