Ahead of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesday launched a specially made “Samajwadi perfume”, hoping to spread the “scent of socialism” in the state.


The perfume, a mix of 22 natural “attars” (fragrances), has been prepared in Kannauj.


Kannauj is called the “Attar Nagri” and has been the stronghold of the Samajwadi Party, represented by Dimple Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav in the Lok Sabha in the past.


Kannauj MLC Pushraj Jain said the perfume packed in a red-green bottle and its box having a picture of the party president was prepared by two scientists in four months.


“We also took directions from the national president in this task and he guided us. The speciality of this perfume is that from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, 22 natural ‘attars’ have been used in it,” he said.


“When you use it, you will feel the ‘sugandh of samajwad’, brotherhood, love and amity,” he said, adding that the soil of Kannauj has also been used in it.


On the significance of 22 natural fragrances used in the perfume, he said it was because the elections in the state are slated for 2022 and the perfume will help overcome “hatred by bringing in an atmosphere of love and brotherhood”.


The SP MLC also spoke about future plans in the wake of 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Another perfume is being prepared, which will use 24 natural scents, to overcome hatred in the 2024 elections, Jain said.


The perfume was distributed among all party leaders and members of the press present on the occasion.


Speaking on the occasion, Akhilesh Yadav said people will go among the public applying this perfume to make them remember socialist ideology and the Samajwadi Party.


“Its colour is also red and green,” he stressed.


Later in a Hindi tweet, Akhilesh said, “The scent has been given to everyone as a gift because the flower of lies does not give fragrance.”


Earlier too in 2016, the SP had launched a perfume with four fragrances to mark four years of its rule in the state.


Meanwhile, taking a dig at Akhilesh Yadav, UP BJP president Swatantra Dev Singh said the perfume launched by him is not going to remove the “stink of sins” of the party.


People of the state will no longer give a chance to the “toxic cocktail of Samajwadi Party’s hooliganism and corruption, Singh said, adding no matter how much perfume the SP chief applies, the public is not going to be attracted towards him.


People of the state have not forgotten how goons were glorified during the SP tenure, he said, adding that they used to roam in ministers’ vehicles and the government withdrew cases against terrorists.


“The reality is that one who chants the name of Mohammad Ali Jinnah 24 hours a day can never see the development of the state. He only sees dreams of partition,” Singh added. 

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