Rape threats against Kohli’s 10-month-old daughter were made by an Indian

After it was alleged that the Twitter user who sent rape threats to the 10-month-old daughter of cricketer Virat Kohli and actor Anushka Sharma’s daughter was from Pakistan, it has been revealed after an investigation by an Indian news outlet that the account from which the abusive tweets were issues actually belong to a Telugu-speaking Indian right-wing user.  The account’s profile picture is of a woman wearing a Pakistani cricket jersey, which led to claims that it was run by a Pakistani national. The threat was issued after Shami, the fast bowler and only Muslim player on India’s team was abused on social media following its T20 World Cup defeat against Pakistan, following which Kohli launched a blistering attack in response to his team’s critics, blasting them as “spineless” and “pathetic”, according to AlJazeera. Kohli ended up on the receiving end of hate and abuses from Indian extremists, who went as far as issuing rape threats against his 10-month-old daughter and reportedly sharing photos of her online, according to Free Press Kashmir. Former pop culture editor at DNA, Andre Borges has tweeted, “Kohli and Anushka’s 10-month-old daughter is getting rape threats because he decided to stand by his Muslim teammate, call out bigotry, and say discrimination on the basis of religion is wrong.” Netizens are now convinced that “Modi’s India” is propagating extremist behaviours and hatred towards minorities by giving leeway to miscreants, who are now voicing their filth on social media without the fear of repercussions.

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