Squid Game may be coming to a city near you

Netflix’s South Korean superhit Squid Game has seen massive success since its recent release. The show, which follows debt-stricken individuals competing in children’s games with incredibly high stakes involving life and death, has become a cultural phenomenon. From Squid Game manicures to the skyrocketing popularity of dalgona, the candy featured in one of the games on the show, the dystopian thriller’s popularity continues to reach new heights. Now, with the incredibly well-received Squid Game pop-up store in Paris, where fans can play the games seen on the show, the possibility of similar pop-ups spreading to other cities is highly likely. According to Forbes, thousands of people flocked to the pop-up store on the rue d’Alexandrie in the Bonne Nouvelle neighbourhood on the city’s Right Bank. Fans shared on social media that they stood in line outside the store for up to seven hours to play the children’s games. Fans are presented with invitation cards bearing geometric shapes on arrival and are led inside by ‘guards’ dressed in magenta jumpsuits and black masks, as seen on the show. Unofficial Squid Game knock-off events have been regularly observed around the world. An Indonesian cafe launched a Squid Game experience in Jakarta, while in the US, unsanctioned events such as Squid Game: Immersive Experience, are set to launch in major cities next year. The series, estimated to be worth around $900 million, has also led to an increased interest in learning Korean. Language learning app Duolingo Inc said the nine-part thriller, in which cash-strapped contestants play deadly childhood games in a bid to win 45.6 billion won ($38.19 million), had spurred both beginners and existing students hoping to improve their skills.
Duolingo reported a 76% rise in new users signing up to learn Korean in Britain and 40% in the United States over the two weeks following the show’s premiere. A South Korean sweet featured as one of the lethal challenges in the Netflix hit has also become a global craze, boosting business for the candy seller who provided the confection for the show.

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