Damaged undersea internet cable repaired: PTA

Damaged undersea internet cable repaired: PTA

ISLAMABAD: The telecommunication regulator said a fault in submarine communications cable near Fujairah city of the United Arab Emirates that slowed internet services in Pakistan has been fixed.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said work was underway to completely restore the service and added that it may slow, or even down, access to the internet in some parts of the country.

“A submarine cable fault was reported yesterday near Fujairah, UAE due to which some users may have faced degradation in services. The faulty cable segment has been repaired and work is underway to make the services fully functional,” read a tweet it posted on its account.

“PTA is monitoring the situation and will continue to update on it.”

When an undersea cable’s service is disrupted, internet service must be rerouted through other cables, significantly impeding an internet service provider’s ability to deliver internet service.

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