Peace in Afghanistan necessary for regional stability: Rasheed

Peace in Afghanistan necessary for regional stability: Rasheed

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Interior Sheikh Rasheed on Monday said that long-lasting peace in Afghanistan is a prerequisite for stability in the region and the world.

Addressing a press conference, the minister said that Pakistan wants peace and stability in Afghanistan because it is in the best interest of both countries as well as the whole region.

The government has set up an Afghanistan desk at the Prime Minister’s Office for the coordination of all Afghan-related matters, Rasheed said.

He said that the Afghanistan desk will ensure international coordination for humanitarian assistance in the neighbouring country and prevent negative spillover into Pakistan.

He said that things are changing fast in the region and Pakistan being a responsible state would fulfill its responsibility of national security while meeting international expectations as a major country in the region with the objective to strengthen peace in Afghanistan.

He added the world knows that Pakistan is a responsible country in the region. “We want peace in Afghanistan and we are ready to support on humanitarian grounds.”

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has truly said that the international community should support Afghanistan on humanitarian grounds.

He said that a large number of people attended the funeral prayers of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, adding that best arrangements were made by the ministry of interior, Islamabad police, capital development authority and Pakistan army.

He further said that two graves were prepared, one at Faisal Mosque and one at Islamabad’s H-8 graveyard, adding that it was the decision of Dr Qadeer’s family to bury him at the H-8 graveyard.

He said that the government has reduced the fee of dual CNIC process while it will also reduce the fee of dual passport process.

He said that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has been given the task to avoid hoarding of dollars in the country.

He added that 88 persons have been arrested on hoarding of dollars while 10 more persons will be arrested.

He said that the borders of Torkham and Chaman have been placed on the biometric system while the remaining borders will also be added to the system.

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