Facebook announced that it is rolling out a new mental health resources center across all its apps.


Facebook has been working with mental health experts and organisations around the world to connect people with the support they need. "We’re launching new content and tools to encourage people to start conversations about mental health," the social media giant said.


The tech giant is creating online “support communities” that would connect Facebook users suffering from various ailments. A small team is also considering new “preventative care” applications that would help people improve their lifestyles.


The pandemic has opened the floodgates to mental health challenges, and the tools would bring medical experts from worldwide onboard Facebook to raise awareness and provide helpful resources to those in need. 


Facebook introduced new suicide prevention toolkit, which has resources for parents, educators, youth and media on how to safely discuss suicide challenges. Facebook also takes care to removes contents that violates the company’s Community Standards, which do not allow the promotion of self-injury or suicide.


Facebood has held several discssions with medical industry experts and entrepreneurs, and has set up a research and development unit to test new health apps.


Some of the resources available on the apps are:


WHO Health Alert chatbot, Digital Stress Management Guide on WhatsApp 

WHO sticker pack on Messenger to facilitate conversations around mental health

Crisis Support Over Messenger for suicide and self-harm prevention help by Crisis Text Line

Mental Well-Being Guides on Instagram

Peace of Mind with Taraji on Facebook Watch


Facebook was criticised recently by a former employee about the negative effects of its platforms on children’s mental health.



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