WATCH: First batch of female soldiers graduate in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia announced the graduation of the first batch of female soldiers from the Saudi armed forces.

The Saudi Defence Ministry posted a video of the graduation ceremony of the female soldiers after they completed a 14-week military training that started on May 30.

According to the state news agency SPA, the graduation ceremony was attended by Saudi Chief of Staff Fayyad bin Hamed Al-Ruwaili along with other senior commanders.

“The centre [for female military training] has an important mission, which focuses on providing excellent training programmes and curricula and an ideal learning environment,” Adel Al-Balawi, the head of the Armed Forces Education and Training Authority, said during the ceremony.

The female military recruitment for the Saudi armed forces was opened in February.

Military ranks from soldier to sergeant are available for women in the Saudi Arabia Army, Royal Saudi Air Defense, Royal Saudi Navy, Royal Saudi Strategic Missile Force and the Armed Forces Medical Services.

Saudi women between the ages of 21 and 40 are allowed to apply for these posts.

Saudi woman must also hold an independent national identity card, have at least a high school education, and cannot be married to a non-Saudi.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has adopted several reforms to empower women, including allowing them to drive cars, enter playgroups and stadiums, and exercise professions that were previously only allowed for men.

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