Qureshi urges Afghan leadership to work out internal differences

Qureshi urges Afghan leadership to work out internal differences

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi urged the Afghan leadership to sit together to work out their internal differences, Radio Pakistan reported.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the foreign minister noted that the peace dialogue has reached a critical phase where the stakeholders will “not gain anything” by trading allegations.

The statement comes a day after he declared that Islamabad had no intention to interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. Instead, he said, Pakistan is “sincerely” working with the international community for peace in Afghanistan, which is in Islamabad’s own interest.

Today, he reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment to peace and stability in the region.

Qureshi clarified that Pakistan will not allow its soil to be used against any country.

India, he said, instead of playing the role of a spoiler, should work for ensuring peace in the region.

Minorities in India are under great duress, and feeling insecure, he observed, adding that a large segment of the population had rejected the [anti-Muslim] strategy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

According to Afghanistan’s Tolo News, out of 387 districts and 34 provincial capitals, the centres of at least 17 districts have fallen to the insurgents over the last two months.

Since the announcement of an exit date of this September for American troops by US President Joe Biden, Afghanistan has been witnessing a spike in deadly Taliban assaults across the country that has led to mounting casualties on all sides.

According to the Afghanistan Interior Ministry, more than 250 civilian casualties, purportedly caused by the Taliban, were recorded in May alone, a charge rejected by the group.

— With additional input from Anadolu Agency

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