Covid Care Centre rescues 21-yr-old patient from virus, mental tension in Reasi

Reasi, June 10:  The 21-year-old Ajay Sharma, is the beneficiary of the government established Covid Care Centre in Reasi, where he recovered from his Covid-19 infection.The UT government in response to the prime minister’s call established Covid Care Centres in all the panchayats across J&K. The objective of these centres is to enable Covid patients who are residing in villages where self-isolation is difficult and are only having mild symptoms to recuperate away from their homes. Sharing his Covid story, Ajay said, “I started feeling feverish in the last week of May. I got myself tested in the district hospital Reasi. Finally, I got a call from the block medical officer that I have been tested positive. The health officer advised me to use separate utensils, separate rooms and separate washroom. The whole episode got me worried. We are a family of six members who live in two rooms. So following the government advisory seemed to be, if not impossible, but quite difficult.Expressing his gratitude to the administration, Ajay said, the administration came to my rescue.“They not only picked me up in an ambulance from my home, but got me admitted to the nearby Covid Care Centre in Reasi. Here I was provided with the best treatment and every facility, which probably, I wouldn’t have had at my own home,” says Ajay.“My meals, the immunity boosting drinks and all other activities were taken care of by health workers there. The doctors used to check me frequently and provided me with a medical kit containing multivitamins, vitamin C tablets and other important medicines including oximeters and ORS etc. They also kept a constant check on me all through the isolation period.

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