Sindh CM demands 25pc share in development works

Sindh CM demands 25pc share in development works

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on Tuesday demanded a 25 percent share for Sindh in development works saying that there were only two schemes worth Rs 1.5 billion for Sindh while Punjab was given more funds than Sindh.

Talking to media persons in Karachi, Sindh CM said that his government was trying to improve the road network as improving the road network improves the economy. He expressed happiness over developmental projects in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

Sindh CM further stated that he had stopped writing letters to the federal government as it felt like he was talking with deaf people. “One could learn how to add salt to the injury from the federal government,” he added.

“Don’t make an East India Company here. We will not tolerate it, we will resist. Don’t treat Sindh in this way and don’t create two Pakistans,” he said on the occasion.

“The federal government is spending money on the provinces. Fine, but at least consult with us and look at the priorities. We are the representatives.,” he said, adding that it was obvious other priorities were being looked at when making allocations for the Public Sector Development Programme.

It is not a good thing that you are going to union councils to make roads and drains under the prime minister’s programme, he said.

Shah also said that schemes were allocated in the PDSP without informing the province due to “pressure”. “During one of the meetings, a gentleman said that their hands were tied due to pressure from MNAs and MPAs. I stayed quiet, but this is contempt of court,” he said, stating that the Supreme Court had said funds could not be given to MNAs and MPAs.

Union Council schemes for Gujrat and Bahawalpur were included in the prime ministers’ programme, he said, adding that this was being done as the government was facing “problems” with the voter bank in these areas.

“Many of the PDSP schemes are for south Punjab because they are facing issues there.” He stated that development funds should be given to the provinces so that they can address the needs of the people.

“They say they will give funds to the people of Sindh, not the government. Why is this only applicable to Sindh? They used to say Pakistan is one not two. Is this one Pakistan?”

The chief minister made it clear that his grievances were with the federal government and not with the other provinces.

“I am elated when I hear about development in Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. this is only for comparison, to show the discrimination against us. Spend four times as much money [in other provinces]. but if you do that then give us more too.”

He claimed that allocations for development projects were being done “directly from Islamabad” to address “drains in union councils”.

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