Vaccine safe, big protection against Covid-19: GMC Principal

Srinagar, May 29: Principal, Government Medical College (GMC), Srinagar, Dr Samia Saturday said that the vaccine is the only biggest protection for all humans against the Covid-19 disease.Urging people not to pay heed to any such information spread against vaccines, Dr . Saima said that people should come forward and must get vaccinated to stay safe against this virus.She said that a vaccinated person has less chances to get infected and even if a vaccinated person gets infected with the Covid-19, the severity of the disease is less and  a person has  high chances to recover and fight the virus better in comparison to the person who has not got vaccinated.Pertinently,  a news item claiming those who vaccinated will “die within a period of two years” in the name of French Virologist and Noble Peace Prize Laureate, Luc Montagnier, is causing a wave of fear among people about vaccination. However, medicos termed the news item as fake and termed vaccine safe and granting high protection against the Coronavirus.

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