Mental positivity helps in recovering from Covid infection: Psychologist

Udhampur, May, 21: The mental health experts on Friday urged people to maintain mental positivity as it helps in recovery from Covid infection.Dr. Amrita Thakur, a clinical psychologist, deployed in District Hospital on Covid 19 duty today said, “To maintain mental positivity was very essential for recovery of Covid patients.”The psychologist emphasized that the Coronavirus pandemic has led to unprecedented hazards to mental health globally.“In this era mental positivity is very essential for the Covid patients, health workers as well as the general public also,” she said.Being a psychological medico, she stated that the surge in Covid cases has developed high risk of depression, anxiety, mental fatigue.“During this difficult time it is important to keep ourselves both physically as well as mentally healthy” she said.“This will not only help you to fight against the virus if you get it but also help in the long run,” Dr. Amrita said. She suggested that eating a healthy and nutritious diet helps one’s immune system to function properly. She advised people to take a walk and stay away from social media to develop a positive attitude.“I will advise everyone to smile even behind your mask,” she said.“To develop a positive attitude the people should think of the doctors and paramedical staff, who work day and night to fight against this deadly virus,” she advised.She said it has been observed that paranoia and hysteria are adding to the woes of both the Covid patients and the health workers. She said one should keep exercising like walking for at least 20 minutes daily and stay away from negative thoughts and news.“We need to stay optimistic that the virus will disappear soon because we are collectively fighting it” she maintained and appealed to the public to protect themselves and not to come out of their houses without an inevitable reason.

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