Actor Amitabh Bachchan on Monday night took to his personal blog to share his contributions as India battles the second wave of COVID-19. He listed down his charitable efforts during the pandemic, after being repeatedly accused of inaction on social media.

He wrote, "In this battle against this virus , many have contributed and continue to be resolved in more .. the mention in the information circles resounds with the 2 cr that I donated for the care Centre in Delhi for the moment .. but as days go by the figure of my personal contribution and donation shall be about 15 crore rupees ..(sic)"

He further wrote, “Of course such figures are beyond my means , but I work and labour and resolve to dig into my earnings for those that need it most and with the kindness of the Almighty have been able to give this amount .. in time , if I am able to harness some more of my personal funds I shall not hesitate to contribute more.”

He said that he does charity work but finds it ‘embarrassing’ to openly talk about it. But he is now forced to reveal the details due to the ‘every day abuse and filth of distasteful comments’ which he usually tries to ignore.

Bachchan said that he has ordered 20 ventilators from overseas, and they have started to arrive. He also shared details about the 400 bed Covid Care centre in Delhi’s Rakab Ganj Gurudwara. He will also be taking care of two children who have lost their parents to COVID-19. He also talked about donating detection machines to Nanavati hospital in Mumbai. He also updated about his efforts to source oxygen concentrators, ventilators.

"Of course the PPE units and other protective gears are also being supplied to the front line workers to the extent of whatever is within my means.. and if I am able to muster more earnings I shall certainly aim to give more,” he wrote.

He concluded the elaborate blog entry by asking people to do their share, however little, towards the fight against COVID-19.



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