Cong, NC misused Art 370 for political gains: Singh

 Accusing Congress and National Conference(NC) of “fooling” the people of Kashmir over Article 370 and special status,Union Minister, Dr Jitendra Singh, on Sunday alleged that these parties used the “alibi of Article 370, when a central law did not suit them, but conveniently forgot Article 370 and promptly adopted a central law if it fetched them political gains”.
Singh while interacting with a Delhi-based news channel said that Congress and NC accuse BJP of eroding Article 370 and special status. “But the fact of history is that for nearly half a century after independence, these two same parties ruled over the State and also enjoyed a majority in the State Assembly, and therefore, all the provisions of the Indian constitution were extended to Jammu & Kashmir under their rule and with their consent.”
“Why Sheikh Abdullah as Chief Minister forgot Article 370 and special status when he promptly adopted the infamous 42, 43 Constitutional Amendments of the Emergency era to extend the term of State Assembly to six years, and just three years later, the same Sheikh Abdullah used the shield of Article 370 and special status to refuse to adopt the Constitutional Amendments which restored back the term of State Assembly to five years,” he added. He alleged that Farooq Abdullah was the first to adopt the “Centre’s anti-terror law POTA”. “But now he talks of reverting back to pre-1953 position and reverse all the central laws.”
Accusing Kashmir-centric political parties like NC and PDP of “being shaky at the prospect of normalcy returning to the Valley”, Singh said these parties have all along benefited from the atmosphere of militancy and won elections with a voter turnout of 10 percent.
When asked about the controversy surrounding the passage of the RTI (Amendment) Bill in the Parliament, a Singh said this is “merely an enabling legislation and does not in any way interfere with the independence or autonomy of the RTI Act”.

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